Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brave-hearts of India

On this 61st Republic Day, let me introduce you to some great people whom most of us does not recognise because they do not have ‘Gandhi’ as their surname so our government will never bless us with an holiday on their birthday or with their photo on currency notes and our history textbooks will never care to teach us about them. These people are less famous revolutionaries without whom it was not possible to kick those British butts out of India. Yup, it took more than just Gandhi & Nehru to do so! Here they come:

Baba Gurdit Singh: This surd charted a ship to Canada in 1914 with 376 Indian Passengers abroad. The Canadians refused permission to dock, attacking it instead. This surd along with other passengers repulsed the attack creating a great stir among Indians.

Badal Gupta: On 8th December 1930, this brave man entered the Writers’ Building in Kolkata and shot dead N.S. Simpson, Inspector General of Prisons, who was infamous for his brutal oppression on Indian prisoners in jails. With no wish to get arrested by British assholes, he took loads of cyanide and died on the spot.

Bagha Jatin: As the leader of the Yugantar Party, he kicked off the Hindu-German plot to ferment unrest and trigger a revolt in the British Indian Army from Punjab to Singapore. He was finally killed in an encounter by British police.

Basanta Kumar Biswas: On 23rd December, 1912, this young boy of 17, dressed as a woman, threw a bomb at Governor General Charles Hardinge in Delhi. He was hanged to death at Ambala Central Jail, at the age of 20; he was one of the youngest to be executed. Respect!!!

Champakraman Pillai: The predecessor of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Pillai began the International Cadet Corps with the help of the Germans. He is also credited with being the first few to shout “Jai Hind” openly. I so wish he can pass on some of his bravery to Omar Abdullah and Congress. Period!!!

Khudiram Bose: At the age of 16, Bose was already bombing police stations and targeting government officials. In a failed assassination attempt he killed two British women instead, sending him behind the bars. He was awarded with death penalty. He was 18 years old at the time of his execution. He smiled as he hung.

Ashfaqulla Khan: Thanks to Rang de Basanti, most of us know him. Born in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Ashfaqulla Khan was one of the men behind the looting of money that British people were looting from us. Kakori train robbery was an awesome move!

It is sad when you see that history of our country is full of such brave people who were so passionate and patriotic. At the age of 16, 17 they scared those assholes. And now we see these spineless leaders who are continuously raping our national pride in front of the whole world just because we are silent. We are letting them to do so. It’s time now to break that silence and to amplify our voices to make India free of these pathetic vultures. It’s time to show some responsibility towards our nation.     

P.S: Vande Mataram!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aaila! I was sitting with a cup of green tea in my hand, a laptop and a word document on which I was trying to jot down all my New Year resolutions (yawning side by side). And while reflecting on all the funny and serious thoughts I got this idea of making all my resolutions public by writing a blog piece. Feel free to adopt any of these or all of these for yourself too. Happy New Year!

1. Beat people for good reason: I look closely at the old people when I travel in the metro. They seem so guarded and alert. And that’s because we treat them so intolerantly (Oye budhe! side mein ho) and so rudely. Well I would like to share a top secret; you are going to surely reach their age (until you manage to get yourself killed in a bomb blast). So treat them kindly and hope that somebody treats you kindly too when you are there. So the next time I see somebody ill treating old people, I am going to follow the famous saying: ‘Uska Sar Mera Joota’!!!

2. Make a miracle happen for someone:  Yes! You can make miracle happen for someone. Someone you know or someone you don’t know. I just gifted a pair of shoe to my society guard and he was too happy to get them in this chilly winter. A heater for your maid? Blanket for your car cleaner. I don’t know. You figure it out. Make 2011 a year of miracles you made happen for someone else.

3. Turning more ideas into realities: Thinking of this, there is regret in my heart that last year there were many ideas on which I could not work and now they are all buried deep down somewhere in me and I am in no mood to dig them. So this year I will try to turn more of my ideas into realities. I wish the same for you. Go and turn your dreams into realities. Make 2011 the year of possibilities.

4. Becoming a child again: I had enormous fun from 1-14 years. From 14-20, I was beating people, bunking classes, getting failed, and dating random girls. From 20-22, I was busy choosing the path of my life. From 22-24, I was confused, still confused, and right now I am being more cynic. But now I have decided to wake up the ‘disobedient, ill-disciplined child’ inside me. I am going to talk more nonsense, going to make faces at animals on street, going to make fun of people right on their face(I still do this one), and doing whatever I want to do. If possible for you, try to live like a child and you will be surely thankful to me at the year’s end.

P.S: I am not sharing the funny resolutions like 'To make sure I am in the bathroom when I pee in the middle of the night :)        

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't take 'No' shit anymore!!!

A: I want to become a Doctor.

B: No you can’t. It requires too much effort.

A: Ok...How about becoming a Pilot?

B: No you shouldn’t. Flying aircraft is too risky.

A: Ahhh...Should I become an engineer then?

B: No. You will never get a job.

A: Oh...What if I do it from IIT?

B: No. You can’t clear IIT entrance. They are too tough.

A: OMG...Should I become an entrepreneur?

B: No. It requires too much money

And the talks never ended....

In this world people will say ‘NO’ in a thousand ways!!!

“No you can’t do that”

“No you are wrong”

“No you are too old”

“No you are too young”

“No you are too weak”

“No it will never work”

And with each ‘No’ they will shake your confidence bit by bit until you give up.

Now is the time to kick this ‘No’ out of our life and to do this we need to get our feet out of the crowd and not somewhere in the middle of the crowd. When you set an example by proving your point then all the people including those who never supported in your endeavour will come and pat your back by saying “We always know you can do it”. Don’t come under anyone’s influence. Just listen to your heart that tells you to infiltrate the unknown and untapped.

A research was conducted to know the market acceptance of Bajaj Pulsar before launching it in the market. The result of the research was negative. According to the report said that bike will not be accepted by the consumer. I doubt any company will still take a chance of launching the product without altering it according to such report. But people at Bajaj were positive of what they have developed is amazing and will create wonder. Today, Pulsar is one of the highest sold bikes in the country.

They dared so they did it. Have a strong believe in yourself.

P.S: So when the world says ‘No’ to you today, are you willing to say, ‘Yes’?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You start and world will follow you!!!

I strongly believe that none of us asked to be born and I believe that this world does not owe us a living, or anything. Certainly we did not get an option of being here, but once we are here we get fed and watered, entertained and pleased, challenged and educated, skilled and dared, respected and shocked. It's all here meant for us. We are capable of doing anything we want to do. We are blessed to take from this world all it has to offer. We can take and take and take.

But what about those people who are not blessed enough? The people who lives on street or slum, the children who work as a rag picker for mere Rs. 100 a day, people living in old age homes, children living in orphanages, thousands of homeless people. Can’t we become a reason of smile on their face? Can’t we take one little step to create a difference?

The point is that we can sleep peacefully if we know that today we give something back to the world. Today we brought a smile on someone’s face. Be generous with everyone. Be generous with your generosity. Don't just give your money, give your time and care. If you have some talent, use it to help others in some way or spread it. If you have the authority to effect change for the better, then use it. If you have influence, use it. Don’t look up to someone else to do it first. You start and world will follow you. I am confident that each one of us can make a           difference in our own way. 

P.S: Believe me, you can change the world. The world need brave souls. Be one. If you like this then please help me in spreading the word by sharing this post with others. Happy change bringing.   

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!!!

Never Never Never give up in your life. Because the one who give up is surely not the one who make history.

In life we all want to astonish ourselves through our achievements and success on the nonstop basis. But we are not going to do that if we keep quitting. Are we??? If you say yes then God bless you! You are in big trouble!!!

There are too many folks who give up way too early. Make sure you are not one of them. 

When I decided to be an entrepreneur, I made one thing sure "Either I will survive here or I will die here; but I am not going to leave it for anything in this world." No matter what the situation may come I am not going to leave something I started in the halfway. I can take break but I will not let any damn situation to break me up. 

I know many people who keep switching between different options without even thinking what they are doing to themselves. My advice to such souls is to stick to the plan (Kyonki Plan mein hai dum to kamyaab hai hum:-) ).

Always rise above any problem you meet. Keep your eyes on your aim. Just stay on your mission for a while and soon you will see everything coming your way. For the reason that this world belong to the one who are more than willing to make history i.e. you and me.

P.S: Keep making History. I want coming generation to study something different when it comes to history. Enjoy Yourself!!! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is good :-)


At 12:30 in the night, I have no idea what am I doing here? I want to sleep but before that I have to scribble something. I am half asleep at this time and least aware of whatever I am writing.  

Today, I advise you to live life well. It is so easy to get trapped up in the daily routine of life that we can easily miss the greatness of simple things of everyday.

I am stunned that how much joy I had by doing the simplest things like roaming around girls and sometimes with girls, smelling the petrol, giving high-fives, going to mountain, eating chocolate, laughing with friends, playing badminton, helping people, eating someone’s else lunch, saying thank you, sitting on a grass, having coffee in rain, watching sunrise and sunset, and lots of other small things that make this journey called ‘life’ worthwhile.

You see, while we all are working hard to get everything we want out of life, it can be a awesome break to spend some high quality time with your chaddi buddies or to take your loved one’s on a long drive.

Friends, keep your focus on what you want to achieve, but for no reason lose sight of what is great around you at this time.

I wish you all the best with all that you do in your ‘life’ to make it awesome and I pray that you experience success in every area of your life. Have a blessed Life. Always remain awesome.

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Difference

Oh God!!! Comeback post and that too on improving yourself. Please help!!!

I am noticing that these days, wanting to be better is too often seen as a negative thing.

Dare to be better, not to compete with people around you, but to compete with yourself. Dare to better the results you have already achieved. Keep giving yourself a challenge to lift your usual outcomes. Never compare yourself to others and their results. Either they are too smart or they are too dumb for you. You are neither of them. You are “YOU”. Another downside of comparison with others is that you really set yourself up for their outcomes. In the end other people's outcomes may be nowhere near where you want to be. Do you really want to reach there and say “WTF”???...I don’t belong here.

Challenge yourself every morning when you wake up. Fight with yourself to better the results you got the previous day. Not in pushy and painful way, but more in a way that keeps you fired-up and awesome, both at the same time.

Regularly, remind yourself that you are better than the results that you experience. This doesn't mean you are better than everyone else, it just means you are constantly raising your own standard. Big difference really!!!

Make your life count!!!